Why I love inbound marketing

January 10th, 2017 10:23 by Phil Kendon

In the last few months, I have been introduced to the field of inbound marketing. It is a fascinating field that involves engaging with potential customers along a sales funnel with content that is relevant to their journey along the funnel.

The first stage is known as the awareness stage where a customer may be searching for answers to a challenge they are facing or a tension they are experiencing. They may not necessarily be looking for a specific solution but are exploring possibilities and even seeking to define their own needs more clearly. Content developed for this stage ultimately seeks to assure the potential customer that your company understands their business and the challenges they face.

The second stage is known as the evaluation stage where a customer is now researching products and solutions with the intention of finding the best match for their needs. Content developed for this stage is aimed at differentiating your product or solution from your competitors and again showing the ideal match between your offering and the customer's requirements.

The final stage of inbound marketing is the purchasing stage where customers are moving from potential to actual. The service levels and customer satisfaction offered are critical at this stage to develop a long term relationship.

The reason I have "fallen in love" with inbound marketing is because the approach matches my needs as a customer myself. I can't stand the "hard-sell" approach that overwhelms me without ever asking me a question. I desire to be treated as a partner in business rather than a statistic on someone's sales chart and I don't think I'm that different from many other customers out there.

I've written my first assignments for an inbound marketing client (www.inboundmarketinginstitut.de) and I hope to have many more ...